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crystal laser etched crystal shapes

Simply *upload any favourite photo and using the latest state of the art technology LaserPics will accurately reproduce it as a 3D image permanently etched inside a high grade optically perfect solid crystal.

Capture any memorable event for ever (our most popular are weddings, a baby’s first day, first smile, christening day or a departed loved one or pet).

As the image is engraved into the centre of the crystal it will not degrade over time and makes a perfect gift for any occassion.

Beautiful solid 3D crystals captures any life changing event for ever by accurately reproducing any photograph.

*Most people have digital photos stored on your computer these days that can easily be uploaded (or emailed), however if you only have a printed photo then Contact Laserpics for details of our scanning service.

Personalised Baby gifts

3D crystals are a unique way to capture a baby’s first day, first smile, christening or maybe those first steps. Each crystal can be personalised with a message of up to 40 characters. This could be the date the picture was taken, the baby’s details such as name, birth weight and date and time of birth.

In fact why wait for the birth? a baby scan picture makes the gift even more unique and memorable. more...

Personalised Wedding gifts

Having that special wedding day moment permanently etched into crystal not only makes an excellent gift for the bride and groom to receive, but can also be given by the bride and groom to bridesmaids, parents or grandparents for them to treasure forever.more...


A photo in laser etched crystal is also a perfect way to remember a departed loved one or pet and as the image is permanently laser engraved inside the crystal it will not fade allowing it to be placed outside as a memorial. more...

Crystal types for 3D photo gifts

Choose from a range of different crystal shapes and sizes of beautifully crafted high quality crystals in which your photo will be expertly laser engraved.
crystal laser etched crystal shapes

Personal Message

Adding a personalised message (typically including a date of the event) completes that uniquely personal touch. A limit of 40 characters is recommended as more can make the picture too small, however if you really need more then LaserPics will be happy to discuss your requirements further.

A beautiful solid crystal captures any memorable event for ever by accurately reproducing your favorite photograph using the very latest state-of-the-art laser technology. Buy now or More info

About Laserpics

Laserpics has specialised in capturing memorable moments and treasured memories in solid crystal since 2005. After starting with just one second-hand machine and producing small quantities of personalised crystals, the business has now grown dramatically, investing heavily in state-of-the-art laser engraving machines, CAD systems and software.

Today Laserpics can convert photographs, digital images, pictures and drawings to create two and three-dimensional engravings within its own beautifully crafted crystals, offering a personalised service across the UK to individuals, retailers, business companies and local authorities.

Laserpics produces high quality engraved crystals as imaginative and special occasion gifts. As well as family events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and christenings, Laserpics engraved crystals are ideal for marking graduations, company celebrations, corporate events, and milestone achievements. They are also suitable as tasteful memorial tributes for lost loved ones and pets.

Company director Kirit Thakore takes pleasure in doing the work without outsourcing any part of the process. This provides customers with a prompt, professional and personal service whether it is a single crystal or a large corporate order. The personal service means that most requests can be catered for. Any requests or questions you may have prior to placing an order, contact Kirit direct.

3D crystal photo gifts will be treasured forever and can last a lifetime. Because the image is laser engraved inside the crystal our 3D crystals will not fade and will last forever if looked after. That special day really can be captured forever in a 3D photo crystal. Buy now or More info

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